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What’s the key to managing stakeholders?

September 26. 2023 by Mike Manazir – (4-5 minutes) When asked who the stakeholders are for most businesses, the answer most often comes back that it’s the customers, employees and stockholders. Upon closer examination, the list of stakeholders is much longer when you consider your suppliers, government and regulatory bodies, financial institutions,competitors, industry associations, local … Read more

What’s the key to driving growth and profitability?

September 18. 2023 by Mike Manazir – (4-5 minutes) Adobe is a prime example of a company that successfully transformed itself and achieved both top-line and bottom-line growth. Historically known for its software products like Photoshop and Illustrator, Adobe shifted from a traditional software sales model to a subscription-based model with Adobe Creative Cloud. This … Read more

How do you build powerful strategic relationships?

September 8. 2023 by Mike Manazir – (4-5 minutes) The sea breeze carried a sense of urgency as two warships, the USS Augusta and the HMS Prince of Wales bobbed in the choppy waters off the coast of Newfoundland. It was August 1941, a pivotal moment in history. On the deck of the British vessel … Read more

How do you manage remote teams well?

August 29, 2023 by Mike Manazir – (4-5 minutes) International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), a multinational technology company, made a notable shift toward remote work in the early 2000s. IBM implemented a Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) program, allowing employees to work remotely based on outcomes rather than fixed hours. While the program wasn’t without … Read more

What’s the key to driving change and transformation?

August 22, 2023 by Mike Manazir – (4-5 minutes) Picture the late 1990s: Apple Inc., a tech giant that had once soared, found itself in financial turmoil and market decline. Then, like a beacon of change, Steve Jobs returned. What followed was a series of moves that saved Apple from the brink and reshaped the … Read more

How do you brave the storm of difficult decisions?

August 17, 2023 by Mike Manazir – (4-5 minutes) In the early 2000s, Netflix was a DVD rental service that offered customers the convenience of renting DVDs online and receiving them by mail. However, with the rise of digital technology, the company faced a critical decision that would shape its future. In 2007, as online … Read more

How do you crack the code for managing complexity?

August 9, 2023 by Mike Manazir – (4-5 minutes) We live in a world of ever increasing complexity. Today’s leaders are challenged with a diverse mix of complex issues that involve a high degree of uncertainty and ambiguity. These issues include navigating the expectations of various stakeholders; operating in an interconnected world with diverse cultures … Read more

How do you stay up to date with industry trends?

July 24, 2023 by Mike Manazir – (4-5 minutes) “Ooooh, this is looking good,” I said to the Weapons System Operator (WSO) in the backseat. I shoved my butt back in the ejection seat and hunched over just a little bit into an offensive crouch with my shoulders rolled away from the seat of my … Read more

What’s the key to managing your time?

July 17, 2023 by Mike Manazir – (4-5 minutes) Lisa was a renowned management consultant. She was known for her exceptional problem-solving skills and ability to bring clarity to complex organizational challenges. A struggling company reached out to Lisa in desperate need of her expertise. The CEO, John, explained the numerous issues plaguing their company: … Read more