Like jumping into the cockpit of an F-14 Tomcat —
Lead to Win seizes you by the throat and doesn’t let go!

This book is hard to put down and can make anyone a better person as well as an accomplished leader and mentor!

Admiral James Stavridis, PhD,
US Navy Admiral
Supreme Commander of NATO (Retired)

Lead Highly Effective Teams

Need your team to perform at a higher level? Looking for fresh ways to lift team morale? Want to help your team win and increase their income—and increase your income?

Maybe you need a leadership tune-up? Join Top Gun, Admiral Mike Manazir for a new perspective. You may not be screaming off the catapult in the cockpit of a Tomcat launching from an aircraft carrier — but 33 powerful stories and leadership lessons will have you strapping in tightly or holding onto the ejection seat lever for dear life.

Learn How to Lead to Win will help you crush barriers to your success. Be as bold as a Top Gun fighter pilot, as decisive as the commander of a carrier in a typhoon. Have the courage to push to the edge of the leadership envelope and be an even better leader than you are today.

Mike wrote this book for leaders like you who want to succeed in life. Leaders want to win. Winning in life is to be successful — successful in your marriage, your family, your career, your business, and your community — all while forming deeper relationships with family and friends. You want to be loved, to be accepted, and to matter to others. You want a meaningful life.

Learn proven ways to:

  • Lead with the speed of trust — Build high trust relationships
  • Think and win like a warrior — Turn losses into wins
  • Discover the heart of leadership — Leadership Serve Lead Mentor




Lead with Empathy and Authenticity:

Join Mike on a journey into the heart of leadership. Walk alongside him through real-life stories that vividly demonstrate the profound impact of vulnerability and empathy. You’ll witness leaders who, by genuinely listening and understanding their team’s needs, build trust, cultivate collaboration, and ignite innovation.

Mike Manazir is a US Navy Top Gun fighter pilot who commanded an F-14 squadron, the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz, and a Carrier Strike Group. Mike retired as a Two-Star Admiral and is now an executive with a Fortune 100 aerospace and defense company.